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I'm looking for 1,000 True Fans.

Are you familiar with the the famous blog post, 1,0000 True fans?

It was a blog post by Kevin Kelly, back in 2008.

That's what I'm looking to build: a small community of fan, supporters, members, clients, customer, whatever you would like to call them. 

I would like to think of them, instead of a label, just 1,000 people who like the work that I create. Or at least, who I am, more or less.

Since I consider myself ot be a multi-faceted person, I am going against all conventional wisdom that says you need a niche. I will find my niche in due time. 

For now, I want to just create and niche up after I find my calling. 


There as many different ways to support my work, you can:

- Cruise with Me on Baynes Boat | April 9 - April 16, 2023

- Shop at my Store | which is primarily collectibles. 

- Buy Me A Coffee | Buy A Beer or Drink from Pat's Pub

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