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My weekday schedule:

Eastern Standard Time

5am to 8am: This is when I prefer to take calls/Zooms. It is when most people start waking up for the day and I find it best for short calls or texts. I can also call clients in Ireland, The UK, and the rest of Europe.

Daily 8am Call: 15 minutes.

8:15 am to 9am: Short break and then commute to Lakewood Ranch for my day job..

9am to 5pm: Day Job. I can step away frmo my desk for a 10 minute to an Hour call. I can promptly answer text messages within minutes and emails within an hour.

5pm - 8pm: This is when I am unwinding. Since I am am up early, this is when I am ending my day for the most part.

8pm - 4am: I can schedule in times for this time period, but I am mostly resting, sleeping, or trying to watch sports. This is a good time to make West Coast calls and meetings.

My weekend schedule:

Eastern Standard Time


9am - 5pm 

"The Office is Open": Please call, text, email, schedule meetings of meetups.


5pm - 10pm

I want to start scheduling meetings and meetups in Downtown Sarasota.

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