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Where do your Membership Fees go? What do they pay for? How do the Tiers work?

In Short: Research | Education | Study | Travel | Experience(s) | Curation | Media | Content | Direction | Guidance | Counsel

They also pay for (reasonable) apartment rents and (discounted) hotels in the world's top cities, locations, and lesser known destinations.

Your membership fees not only allow me to pay my living expenses such as rents, food, insurance -- they allow me to go above and beyond in growing into an upper echelon Concierge and Curator.

Also, I am in the process of building out a Global Concierge Network with Les Clef Concierges all over the world. This is a select group of concierges, who work in the world's top hotels. They are part of my network and team, and contribute to myself, and ultimately the benefit of our members.



The 6 Year Continental Challenge is a personal growth challenge to experience more of the world's cultures and experiences. The goal is to live on every continent, except for Antarctica, of course. I curate those experiences, and document them for my clientele, who entrust my discernment and judgement.

From there, I can document my research and create content and media that appeals to my clients. Not only will I create informational content, I remain at your disposal (as the say in Europe), to manage you as your Concierge.

I am aware that my business model will be altered over time and across geographies. I will likely and ultimately work to build out a team.



For example, in my Twenties, in 2016, I took a Windstar Cruise along the Mediterranean from Rome to Barcelona. One particular day and night in Monaco taught me that the Luxury and Refinement is not about intimidation or hierarchy, but rather about style, form, tradition, and creativity. This Mediterranean trip changed my whole world perspective, and was one of the inspirations to work as a Concierge. The international (but also domestic) experiences are what I wish for my clients. Your Membership Fees allow me to take more trips, educate myself, document the experience, and ultimately recreate and curate experiences for you -- my clients.

I plan to take about two educational trips per year, to start. This will allow me to conduct research, educate myself, and further my experience base.

I can also leverage my dynamic, discerning, and paying clientele to negotiate partnerships

with established and upstart companies and brands. Therefore, I can conduct my research in a cost efficient manner, as brands anticipate the future business of my membership clientele.

Additionally, my clients will receive elevated service, and even preferential pricing and inventory with our preferred vendor groups.

An additional ambition of mine are my media and content creations, including a television channel and audio station focused on luxury and lifestyle opportunities.


That is where your Monthly and Yearly Membership Fees pay for and support.

Thank you much.


Patrick Baynes

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