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August 2023: An Update | Journal

In the past two weeks, I have "pivoted" quite a bit. I know myself fairly well; I get flurries of ideas, concepts, and I usually don't hesitate to try to implement them. Maybe this is an attribute, maybe its is a flaw.

The company needs to make more money. But don't get me wrong. I don't want to build a hyper capitalistic company. I am willing to leave money on the table to enrich myself in other ways:

Novelty: I value new experiences and novelty. While the "titans of industry" generally get there through relentless repetition and consistency and systems building, I don't actually aspire to that. I am more interesting in building a life rich in experiences and variety.

I am somewhat obsessed with maps. Physical Maps, digital maps, hand designed maps, even Google Maps. When I want to go on adventure, I do so vicariously through the maps.

My most recent map adventure led me up the the New England region. Growing up, we would take trips to Lake George, a resort area in the Adirondacks region. Some years, we would extend the trip and go further into New England, - one year we went all the way to Maine.

I explored this regions on Google Maps, and found some interesting discoveries.

I decided to build my own map -- featuring off the beaten path destinations like hotels and restaurants. I wanted to channel my original and continued interest in being a true concierge. Someone who knows the landscape and can steer you to your true north, your true center. It is a bit of a spiritual and conscientious line of work.

Here is a link to the CONCIERGE CO MAP .

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