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Save up to $100 a Month: Switch to Low-Cost Cellular Phone | Google Fi | Consumer Cellular | Mint

As a former employee at a Verizon Authorized Retailer, I've seen some enormous phone bills.

The biggest trap I see people paying for is Unlimited Data. Especially in the day and age of Work From Home - there is usually no reason to pay for an Unlimited Data Plan.

You spend most of your time somewhere with a Wi-Fi Connection. Under Wi-Fi you get to connect to the internet for free, and with WI-FI Calling, you should get great

Of course, the major retailers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile try to get their customers to pay for expensive data plans. I've seen enough phone bills to know that most people are overpaying for data that they will never use.

One of the reasons the major retailers offer phone upgrades and phone discounts, is that they want you to upgrade to an unlimited plan. That's where they make their profits.

I've seen bills over $500 dollars for a small family.

Of course when you are paying for a mainstream phone service, you are paying for the retail stores, all those commercials you see during football games. THe are old


Instead, you should consider a low cost retailer. The three low-cost

You can How to save $100.00 a Month

or $1200 at Year or $12,000 a Decade or $48,000 over 40 years

1. Switch your phone service to Google Fi. - Google Fi is only 20 Dollars a month and runs like a charm! More info later.

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