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Click here to watch my Television and Media Channel. | 

The goal of this channel is to create "Zero Latency", or at least "Low Latency". I blog about "Content Latency" here.



Classic: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | Power Rangers | Hey Dude | 

FILM | I watch almost no movies. The format doesn't agree with me. I find it difficult to allocate 2 hours to something that may not like. If I turn the movie off, it seems like to I did something wrong. I also don't align with "Big Production" and the Hollywood-Industrial-Complex. I do own a bunch of DVD's that i plan on watching one day. Films is a medium that I would like to learn more about. I think there is a reason there are so many cinema enthusiasts.

Films I do like: Boiler Room | The Fugitive | 



Channels: Valuetainment | Patrick Bet-David's Channel. They talk about business, primarily. Patrick Bet-David is super relatable and resembles the Self-Made Immigrant Story. He's also written books and is making a lot of progress in establishing himself.


Individual Videos: 


BEST INTERVIEWS: Patrick Bet-David interviews Mark Cuban

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