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Our many years of experience in Concierge Management for intermediaries such as MasterCard and Citibank, boutique New York City hotels, and fine brands such as the Ritz-Carlton Company, and end clients all over the world serve as a great foundation for working with you, the client, in a bespoke manner.

Allow us the chance and opportunity to work with you.


We manage a great group of clients. You gain access to a peer group of travelers. I am able to connect these clients to one another. You may even meet the other clients at meets at one of our larger events.

You can utilize this peer group to make friends, conduct business networking and share travel and leisure concepts.

Client Name: Emma Alexander

Residence: Larchmont, NY & Jupiter, Florida

Client Type: Semi-Local | Busy Professional (Enhanced Yearly Member) | $3,999.00 per Year

Occupation: Emma is an attorney at a top 100 Manhattan Law Firm.

Her concierge, Pat Baynes, keeps a profile of all her interests, goals, and what some people call a "bucket list".

Emma is a client under the Enhanced plan, which is $3999.00 per year. As someone who makes well into six figures, It makes total sense for her since she is so busy with work and needs someone to manage the more enjoyable parts of her life.

Businessman Using Laptop

Client Name: Daniel Eubrook

Residence: Stamford, CT

Client Type: Remote | Busy Professional (Standard Yearly Member) | $1,999.00 per Year

Occupation: Daniel is the Director or Account Management at a F500 Insurance Company. 

His concierge, Pat Baynes, knows what sports team he is a fan of, what types of vacations he looks for, when his slow and busy months are, and maintains detailed information about Daniel in the Company's Client Relationship Management platform. Patrick has a knack for connecting dots and creating experiences that Daniel could not think of on his own! 

Daniel is a client under the Standard plan, which is $1999.00 per year.


This plan is suitable for Daniel since he works full time, doesn't travel as much as he used to. His work schedule is busy, and he can outsource tasks to me throughout the day with SMS text communication. Sometimes, its just to talk sports!

Outdoor Kitchen

Client Name: Janice Paulson

Residence: Sarasota, Florida | Eastern Shore, Maryland

Client Type: Local | Retired (Lite - Monthly Member) | $99.00 per Month

Occupation: Retired Educator

Janice relocated to Sarasota 9 years ago after a long career in the Eastern Shore area of Maryland. Because she is retired, she has lots of free time to travel, shop, read, and explore her interests. She utilizes Patrick as an assistant in her endeavors, and sometimes he just operates as a friend. Because she is "a little bit older", she does not understand all of the nuances and intricacies of the fast changing landscape, and relies on Patrick to help her walk through a lot of her purchases. She says Patrick is great to work with, as he is an intent listener. It also helps that he is local. He is one more person that Janice has to help her when other people are occupied. But often, he is the first person she reaches out to.


Travel and Leisure Preferences: Janice always had a 2 month or so summer break. he would take regional trips and vacations, sometimes to California to see family. She would like to see Europe and South America withing the next few years. In the meanwhile, Patrick sends her travel content so that she can start thinking about an itinerary. 

Smiling Mature Man

Client Name: William Marchand

Residence: St. Petersburg, FL

Client Type: Local | Busy Professional (Standard - Yearly Member) | $1,999.00 per Year

Occupation: Financial Industry

William makes a fine salary working in the Financial Industry. What he has in money, he lacks in time. That's why he works with Patrick.

Patrick understands the landscape of global enterprise and is actually quite well read in terms of where the economic is moving. He reads Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, and other niche publications to stay current on the global Travel and Leisure space. Patrick has planned trips to New York City, London, Ireland, and France for William. William says that he could not find these hidden gems on his own; there;s not enough time in the day (or year).


Travel and Leisure Preferences: William likes to stay at iconic properties around the world. Its kind of cool to stay somewhere that is world famous or you read about in magazines.

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